Health Indaba to Better Fight Infectious Diseases in Nigeria

Infectious diseases are a major cause of death and disabilities around the world, in Africa communicable, maternal, neonatal and nutritional conditions remain the leading causes of death, causing 56% of deaths in 2016.

While detecting and responding to infectious disease outbreaks has long presented a major public health challenge in Nigeria, the recent outbreaks of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as Ebola virus disease, monkey-pox and other epidemic-prone diseases call for dynamism within the ecosystem of tackling infectious disease.

Compounded by the growing resistance of pathogens to known drugs, the spread of diseases across international borders, and emerging escape of pathogens from animals to humans, there is no better time to shine the spotlights on infectious diseases control.

EpidAlert is organising a conference to galvanize conversations and partnerships towards fighting infectious diseases in Nigeria.

The forthcoming Infectious Diseases Indaba will help stimulate conversations on best practices, innovation and design in the face of a growing disease burden. EpidAlert and HEITS are coordinating the pioneering conference set for June 7th in Lagos.

The objective is to build a unique multi-sectoral platform by aligning industry and all prospective players towards innovative and cutting-edge strategies essential to tackling infectious diseases in Nigeria.

University of Lagosโ€™s Professor Sade Ogunsola will headline the conference, which is expected to attract health experts from across the nation.

The conference is designed as an annual cycle of meetings and exhibitions to bring together practitioners, business and public sector to stay in tune with the market, the opportunities and gain strong network with which they can continue to lead successful control of Infectious Diseases.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only, go here to register for free.

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